Harry's of Lye | Bangladeshi Cuisine in Stourbridge

Bangladeshi Cuisine in Stourbridge

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179 High Street, Lye, Stourbridge, West Midlands DY9 8LH

Harry’s Appetisers

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Tandoori King Prawn £7.50 £3.95

King size prawns, marinated & spiced, roasted over charcoal.

Tandoori Fish £7.50 £3.95

Succulent fish marinated in fresh herbs & spices, slightly fried.

Chicken or Lamb Shashlik £6.95 £3.95

Tender chicken marinated with spices, cooked over charcoal, served in grilled tomatoes, onions & capsicums.

King Prawn Butterfly - £3.95

Marinated in a specially prepared sauce & then cooked in bread crumbs.

King Prawn Puree - £3.95

Cooked with thick sauce, fresh tomatoes, onion & flavoured with green herbs,
served on puffy bread.

Tandoori Mix Kebab - £3.95

Consists of lamb tikka, chicken tikka & sheek kebab.

Chicken Nuggets - £3.95

Chicken Tikka or Lamb Tikka £5.95 £2.95

Succulent chicken or lamb pieces marinated in fresh ground spices & herbs, roasted in tandoor.

Sheek Kebab - £2.95

Tender lamb marinated, seasoned with herbs & spices, roasted in tandoor.

Shami Kebab - £2.95

Specially fried lamb, finely minced with flavoured herbs & spices.

Tandoori Chicken £5.95 £2.95

Stuffed Mushrooms, Chicken or Lamb - £2.95

Mushrooms with minced chicken or lamb in a sauce covered with breadcrumbs.

Stuffed Peppers, Chicken or Lamb - £2.95

Peppers with minced chicken or lamb in a sauce covered with breadcrumbs.

Nargis Kebab - £2.95

Boiled egg covered with spicy lamb mince meat & topped with omelette.

Chicken Chat - £2.95

Juicy chicken pieces served with cucumber hot & sour sauce

Prawn Cocktail - £2.95

Samosa (Chicken, Lamb or Veg) - £2.95

Triangular shaped pastry, deep fried in oil.

Chicken Pakora - £2.95

Chicken or Prawn Puree - £2.95

Chicken or prawn cooked in thick sauce, tomatoes, herbs, served on puffy bread.

Onion Bhajee - £2.50

Chopped onions, special herbs & fried lentils.

Tandoori Special £7.50 -

Consists of chicken tikka, lamb tikka, sheek kebab, tandoori chicken & accompanied with vegetable curry.